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Materials for Glass Front Doors & Windows 

Like many business owners, you’re probably thinking of installing a glass front door in your shop or office. This isn’t really surprising since glass offers many benefits that wood, aluminum, and other materials can’t provide. However, it’s important to note that commercial glass front doors are available in a wide range of materials, so you need to do your research to pick the right type of glass for your premises. Here are some of your best options:

Common Materials for Glass Front Doors & Windows

  • Transparent Glass

This is an excellent option if you want your clients to easily see inside your store or office even before they step through the door. Transparent glass doors are usually installed in beauty salons and clothing boutiques, and they’re ideal for small offices since they help create an illusion of space.

  • Frosted Glass

Frosted glass doors have a cloudy finish that allows some sunlight to pass through without allowing people to see what’s inside your premises. They’re a great choice for spas, doctor’s offices, and other places where client privacy is important.

  • Tinted Glass

Many stores and offices are located in areas that get a lot of sunlight. While natural light can make your space more cheerful and welcoming, it can also be a problem since it can create glare, which can strain your employees’ eyesight and make it hard for them to focus on their tasks. You can easily fix this problem by installing a tinted glass door and maybe even tinting your glass walls and windows as well.

  • Safety Glass

Safety glass doors are designed and built to withstand impact and blunt force. Even if safety glass would break, it will still stay in one piece (instead of splintering into thousands of tiny pieces) because of a special film that holds the entire glass panel together. Safety glass is a great option if you’re worried about burglaries and want to make your premises safer and more secure.

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