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Glass doors


When to Call a Storefront Glass Door Replacement Service Provider?

More than just enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the establishment, glass doors, especially those installed in commercial establishments, help passers-by see what are the products and services offered in a store. Once it gets damaged, have it assessed by a professional first before you consider repairing it. If repair is no longer possible, then look for a storefront glass door replacement shop near you. Here are some damages you have to keep in mind telling you that your glass door must be replaced:

Know More About Glass Door and Parts Damage

Cracks – Cracks are the most common damage you will see in almost all types of glass. It is usually in the form of crooked lines and sometimes stretches from one end over the other. These are easy to repair if a crack does not exceed twelve inches. But if it does, start thinking about replacing it.

Chips – This damage happens once a solid object hits a glass door. It is typically dart-like in shape with cracks branching out from the point of impact. They weaken the structural integrity of the glass since they penetrate deep down to its innermost layer, which is why calling a storefront glass door replacement expert is necessary. Glass chips that exceed the size of a tennis ball should be replaced right away.

Scratches – Even if they are the smallest damage to repair, there are scratches that compromise the durability of the glass. If scratches are too deep that will leave sharp traces once you touch it, a glass replacement is necessary. Once you ignore the smallest scratch, your glass door might end up with cracks, or shatter being the worst.

These are the three damages that usually happens to glasses. If you are looking for a reliable storefront glass door replacement contractor in DMV area, the company you can trust is DMV Area Doors and Window Glass Repair. To know more about the services we provide and our rates, call us today at (202) 883-8480

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